Purchase Your Stationery Supplies Online

Purchase Your Stationery Supplies Online

Enjoy These Benefits When You Purchase Stationery Supplies Online

Modern life is busier than ever. On-the-go parents are always looking for solutions that save them time and effort so they can prioritise what is truly important – like time spent with family. We at Edu Supply know from experience just how much of a nuisance shopping for school stationery is, which is why our platform erases inconvenience in favour of a simplified solution. We have digitised the purchase of educational supplies by allowing customers to shop online, and all it takes is a few clicks to complete the process. That means no more stressing over those long stationery lists and which brands to get because we take care of all your needs.

Avoid the Hassle of In-store Shopping

purchase stationery supplies online

In a parent’s world, one thing that is sorely missing is the luxury of time. Driving to a crowded mall to find each item on a school list can take hours and might require a trip to more than one store. If giving up an entire Saturday is simply not possible for you, our online platform is ideal. With us, you can purchase stationery supplies without ever stepping foot into a store.

Shopping Made Simple – Wherever You Are

No matter where you are in the world, you can shop online with us and have your purchase delivered anywhere in South Africa. This makes it possible to shop everywhere, even on the beach during school holidays, while avoiding queues and out-of-stock signs. While you sit back on your couch or relax during your lunch break at work, you can quickly select the items your child requires.

Save Money While You Save Time

Our buying power with superb brands means we save big on all our products. The good news is that when you purchase stationery supplies online with us, these savings trickle down to you too. Being competitively priced means that we are a preferred supplier to parents and schools across the country.

Customisable Hampers Available

While you can shop for single items, you can also purchase hampers according to the requirements of your child’s school and grade. Use our search tool to find your child’s place of learning and click on their grade to purchase a pre-organised hamper with everything you need. You can even add or remove items according to what you already have at home. If you can’t find your child’s school on our list, you can upload a list of their required stationery and we will compile the hamper for you.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Convenience and affordability do not need to come at the expense of quality. We have partnered with some of the best brands in South Africa to bring you superior stationery supplies. With an eye for phenomenal quality, we only source products from suppliers who align with our values.

It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three

Even if you are unfamiliar with online shopping, our platform is so easy to navigate you’ll be done in three, simple steps:

To get shopping with us right now, set up your account here.

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